Kevin Tewart äußert sich zur Reprint-Problematik

Heute morgen wurde bekannt, dass Tour Guide from the Underworld endlich einen Reprint bekommt. Während sich viele Spieler freuen, endlich auch in den Genuss dieser Karte zu kommen, sorgen sich andere um den Wert ihrer teuren Karten. Auch auf Pojo war der Aufschrei entsprechend groß. Kevin Tewart von KONAMI hat dazu ein durchaus lesenswertes Statement verfasst, das auch einen gewissen Einblick in die Denkweise und Politik von KONAMI gewährt.

I totally understand where you’re coming from. But the fact is that we can’t keep cards super-duper-expensive forever, because it discourages new players from jumping on board.

Nor do I want to gut the values of people’s collections overnight, because that’s just as bad in the opposite direction. I remember when Dark Beginning was released in 2004, which included all the Exodia pieces as commons. And 10-year old kids were coming up to me, crying, at conventions, because their Exodia sets they had worked so hard to get were destroyed in value overnight.

Cards DO need to get reprinted. But what I’m always going for is a „soft landing“. The value needs to come down gradually, over time. I’m not about to take a high-value card and throw it into a $10 special edition or something. It’s better to reprint mid-value cards in special editions. Like Effect Veiler, for example.

Keep in mind that this is a BIG set, and while your chances of getting a Tour Guide are quite good (especially if buying by the box to play sealed pack style, as intended), this reprint is to give the card a little softening in its exclusiveness, while still keeping it a card that takes some effort to acquire.

Also keep in mind that the EXVC version will still be the only actual foil version at this point. (Duel Terminal-style cards are not technically foil, they’re just sparkly.)

This is the nature of things, from cel phones to fancy cars to CD players to tablet computers. Things start out really expensive, but then more and more people get access to them over time.

For those willing to put the effort into getting cards when first released (or just being lucky with their pulls!), we give a window of exclusivity for them to enjoy their cards before they are reprinted. We’ve even been criticized for having this window be too long.

But I think we’re charting a nice, middle-of-the-road course.

Quelle: Pojo

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