Noch mehr Karten aus Order of Chaos

Und hier kommt für Euch der zweite Schwung an Karten aus Order of Chaos.

Chouren the Prophet Monk
LV4/FIRE/Spellcaster – Effect/1800/200
Once per turn, declare one card type (Spell or Trap) and target 1 set card in the opponent’s Spell/Trap Zone. Reveal the card, and if its Type is the same as the one declared, that card cannot be activated this turn.

Dark Genocide Cutter
Normal Spell
When you have 3 or more DARK monsters on field, target 1 card on the field: banish that target.

Royal Prison
While this card is face-up on the field, neither player can special summon a monster from the graveyard.

Tengen Toppa Zenmai Lagann (Normal Trap)
Release one 1500 atk+ Windup to activate. Special summon 1 Windup from your hand. Then special summon 1 windup with same atk as the one you just SS’d from your deck.

Dark Blade, Commander of the Dark Demon World
LV4/DAR/Warrior – Effect/1800/1500
Once per turn, you can banish 1 DARK Monster from your Graveyard to target an opponent’s Level 4 or lower LIGHT Monster. Equip the targeted Monster to this card. Only one Monster can be equipped to this card by this effect. If this card is destroyed, destroy the Equip Card equipped by this effect instead.

Quickplay Spell
Roll a dice & apply the effect depending on the result:
1 or 6: Deals 1000 damage to yourself.
2 to 4: Destroy 1 Spell or Trap.
5: Destroy 2 Spells or Trap.

Dark Storm Dragon
bla bla bla gemini conditions:
-Send 1 face-up spell or trap card you control to the graveyard; destroy all spell and trap cards on the field.

Divine Dragon Apocalypse
LV4/Dark/Dragon – Effect/1000/1500
Once per turn: Discard 1 card and target 1 Dragon in your Graveyard; Return that to your hand.

DARK/Fiend – Effect/Level 4/1500/500
Once per turn, discard 1 fiend-type monster and this card gains 500 attack. When this card is destroyed and send to the graveyard, you can add 1 banished dark monster to your hand.

Creeping Darkness
Normal Magic Card
Effect unconfirmed: Activate by removing from play 2 DARK Monster in your Graveyard. Add 1 Level 4 DARK monster from your deck to your hand.
Super Rare

Galaxy Wave
Continuous Magic Card
Each time you Xyz Summon, inflict 500 Damage to your opponent’s Life Points.

Quelle: Neo Ark Cradle

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